I have a good deal of experience working on websites, from the simple to the hugely scalable. My goal is to use this platform to provide quality digital work for my community.

Web Design

My process of designing a website is to first sit with you and understand the plan you have for the project. We will seek to answer some fundamental questions for any sort digital product.

Who is your target audience?

What is your development strategy?

What questions does your website seek to answer?

What content and materials do you already have and what do you still need?

After an initial interview, we will discuss the sitemap and wireframe. This is the basic structure of the website, the skeleton of what's to come.

At the end of a project, I will provide you with a comprehensive sitemap, a wireframe, and a full design complete with font selection, color scheme, image and copy placement suggestions, as well as directives of functionality. This will be provided in a PDF format for the sake of cross-platform legibility and printability. Raw design files can be provided upon request.

code review

Static Web Development

For a this service, I ask that you provide a completed web design either from me or from another vender. All content ( i.e. images, copy, fonts, etc) will need to be provided ahead of time. A static website refers to the content being fairly locked in barring any knowledge of development on behalf of the client. This is a good solution for anyone looking for a simple brochure website where they will not have to touch the content much in the future.

The benefit of a static website is that a completely custom design can be developed fairly quickly. This saves all parties time and money. In my experience a lot of clients like the idea of editing their own content in a CMS, but when it comes time for copy changes to be made just end up hiring someone to fill it in for them. If you are in the need of a custom website, a statically developed project is the most cost effective option.


CMS Integration

In order to briefly provide context, a CMS or Content Management System is a platform that allows a user to control their content, be that writing copy, adding images, or managing simple layouts. Essentially, I make your custom website editable. I have a good deal of experience in my career integrating custom designs into popular CMS platforms. I have completed projects primarily in WordPress and Craft CMS.

If you are still in search of the best platform for you, there are many CMS options out there that fit different needs. Some of my favorite include Statamic and Craft CMS. What is important is that you find a CMS that works best for you and your budget.

CMS integration is a bit more time intensive, and is therefore a more expensive service. However, at the end you will have a website with a dynamic backend that allows you to completely control your content with almost zero knowledge of coding on your part.


Web Management

If you want your website up and running without having to worry about hosting, setting up an SSL, making backups, or any other headaches that can pop up, I offer web management services. For a monthly fee, I will manage your website. This includes hosting on a secure server with recurring backups as well as making small content changes for no extra charge.

Would you like to know more?

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