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The Scope is part of a multisite build for Rev Group. In order to keep track of multiple lines of coaches, Rev Group needed a web platform that consolidated their data while providing a unique frontend experience. American Coach needed to express luxury even more than other lines. The scope of development as well as the quick turnaround time required a team of developers working to build a solid product. I headed up the fronted as well as built many of the major components including the 'Build & Price' tool that allows users to customize their very own American Coach RV.

The Technology

We utilized Craft CMS to produce the multisite functionality for which Rev Group was looking. Craft allowed us to completely control the client's experience in the CMS control panel, making handoff of the site a pretty painless process. On the frontend of things, this was my first experience using Tailwind CSS, a css framework that functions more like an API for your frontend. The code ended up being much more module and editable this way.

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